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Zentrum für Glas- und
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Zentrum für Glas – und Umweltanalytik in Ilmenau (Thuringia)

Since 1997 we command a widespread spectrum of chemical and physical investigations of glass materials. Moreover we offer consultations and trainings of laboratories and lab personal. On request, we produce customized glass und glass ceramics, too.

The place of our company depicts a symbol for our efforts to make contact to our customers as close as possible. The Zentrum für Glas – und Umweltanalytik is located in the heart of Thuringian Forest, a region signifying the tradition-rich glass industry in Thuringia.

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Our services

We command longstanding and competent experience concerning chemical and physical analysis. Our services reflect the spectrum of our abilities. Convince of our propositions on your own!

Physical analysis

We can determine a variety of physical parameters like viscosity curves, expansion coefficients or glass stress measurements. For this purpose you can find at ZGU GmbH many, partly unique, methods and devices.

Chemical analysis

In order to investigating the chemical composition of glasses, mixtures or even raw materials, we have a wide range of methods and equipment. In addition to content determinations up to the ppm range, we can also determine redox ratios and hydrolytic or chemical resistances using various methods.

Other analyses and services

In addition to the research projects and the development of special materials, we also offer advice on the purchase of laboratory equipment as well competent training. On request we can also produce special glasses on a laboratory scale.

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During our many years of work in the field of analytical services we gained several awards and certificates.
Since 2011 our company is certified by the TÜV -Thuringia and many
of our tests are since 2013 accredited by the DAkks.

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