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Other services

In addition to our analytical offers we provide a number of services belonging to special issues and that can support your company directly. Please have a look to our opportunities:


Development of materials (Trial melting,…)

If required, we can undertake the development of special glass materials. Thereby the successive typical working steps are performed:

  • The choice of suitable glass recipes according to given characteristics as basis for trial melting correlating with lab scale.
  • Testing of the property right’s situation (on demand externally)
  • Choice of materials and calculation of batches
  • Procurement of materials and production of batches
  • Performance of trial melting (circa 1 kg, until 1600 °C melting temperature), production of founded tilings or of glass frits (further processing to powder is possible, too)
  • Check of the chemical composition and the physical characteristics


Calculation of batches

For the production of trial melting the necessary batch recipe has to be ascertained on the basis of an intended composition of glass.

The recipe factors in the utilized raw materials as soon as technological influential variables simultaneously (f. ex. Combustion). As diverse raw materials can be employed diverse for inserting certain oxides in the molten glass (f. ex. For sodium oxide, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate and sodium chloride) the batch calculation in different phases is not unambiguous, but contains optimization steps.


Trial melting

For testing special glass compositions pot melting in a laboratory oven can be performed.

Calculation of batches and production of batches are carried out as required. Melt is possible up to a temperature of 1600 °C in various crucible materials.

The maximum glass quantity per melt is around 1 kg. The glass can be provided in the form of relaxed plates or as frit.



Environment as a field of work was more significant at the beginning of our business activity. Particularly in the context of exploration and the redevelopment of abandoned industrial sites in glass industry we can refer to a huge number of successful finished projects. Thereby especially our knowledge about technology of glass production as well as the employed raw materials and consumables were adjuvant. Furthermore numerous explorations of abandoned industrial sites of the communal areas were supervised (inherited waste, monitoring of disposal sites). Because of the growing tasks in the field of glass analytics we had to restrict our activity in the working field of environment increasingly. Nevertheless we supervise glass production and glass workmanship concerning environmental issues (dust, grinding residues, frits, process water,…). On account of cooperation with efficient, accredited enterprises we are permanently capable of offering the complete spectrum of environmental deliverables from the exploration over the sampling up to the analytics.



For selected checks/ investigations/ examination methods we offer the complete training of qualified employees. For example on the following point we focus on:

  • Handling of samples
  • Control of apparatuses
  • Interpretation, documentation
  • Organisation in the laboratory
  • Schoolings for special examination methods in the frame of systematic further education
  • Further topics by arrangement

Selection of frequent schoolings‘ topics:

  • Determination of hydrolytic resistance according to DIN ISO 719 respectively 720
  • Determination of cooling residual stress
  • Microscopic analysis of glass defects


Consulting for laboratory equipment

The establishment or reorganisation of a laboratory for glass analysis requires a complex strategy and specific know-how for granting on the one hand the ensurance of metrologically demands and on the other hand the necessary efficiency. Due to longstanding experiences we can offer these deliverables, especially the following fields:

  • Determination of analysis’ parameters
  • Selection of test method
  • Establishment of test regime
  • Basic engineering
  • Consulting in terms of acquisition of all required gadgets and materials
  • Complete delivery of laboratory equipment (on demand)
  • Schooling of laboratory personnel, on-site instruction
  • Support with implementing


Studies and development

Our offered investigation methods are naturally possible as service in the frame of projects concerning studies and development, too. Besides external development achievements can be offered. As part of several studies and development projects competences in especially development and adaption of analytical investigation methods were precessed. This applies to the section of chemical as well as physical parameters.

Here are some examples:

  • Optimization of usage of new developed noble metals‘ alloys fort the application in glass analytics
  • Approach to laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in glass analytics
  • Usage of atomic absorption spectroscopy in glass analytics by using solid samples
  • Examination of stress ratios of fireproof materials during phase changes

The activity in cooperation projects, projects‘ treatment and account were successfully practized with various partners