Zentrum für Glas- und Umweltanalytik GmbH, Hohe Straße 45, 98693 Ilmenau
Tel.: +49-(0) 3677-8452-0

About us

ZGU as a neutral service center has set itself the goal of not only offering effective and appropriate analysis for the special field of glass materials, but also to see the analytical work in connection with the solution of the technical problem.

This includes advice on the formulation of the metrological task as well as support in the interpretation of the test results. In doing so, we are dependent on a wide range of information from our clients.

The confidential treatment of all customer data is a fundamental principle of our activities.

About 400 companies, mainly from Germany but also from other European countries as well as from Asia and Africa and America, appreciate our way of working through long-standing, stable business relationships.